Sunday, August 19, 2001

Damn man! Its 10 "o" 6 at night i dont feel like the best person in the world and i cant figure out this spanish shit! I am dead tomarrow! Oh well...I'm bringing some great pictures of some people tomarrow! So all yall at epms look out it might be you in one of the pictures! I am not going to blog what happened on friday cause i have a promise not to speak about it again but it will come out some time or another just keep asking about it! okay? yeah...right! ok well to many people are trying to chat with me right now on aim so with an X and an O im out! [AIM-summergirl4869]
I finally found a place to blog! geez! I cant belive what happened when i went to the movies on friday night! I fucked up soo badly! And on top of that I am sick out of my mind! I want to post the convo's I had with people about friday night but I cant right now...tell you later! I will blog more tonight or when ever I have more time to [I will find some]
God Bless,
Katie xoxo